Our Vision is Good Health for All

One Love Center for Health was rooted in health justice by Family Nurse Practitioner bffs and colleagues Mahedere (Mimi) Solomon and Michele Bunker-Alberts and community organizer Jumoke Hodge.

About One Love Center for Health

One Love Center for Health, a 501(c)(3), was founded by Family Nurse Practitioners Mahedere (Mimi) Solomon and Michele Bunker-Alberts, and longtime Oakland community leader Jumoke Hinton. Originally organized in West Oakland, CA, a community that was experiencing the dangerous health outcomes of inequitable development and striking health disparities that differed from other parts of the City.

Work with Us!

Volunteer Opportunities
for Health Profession Students:

Clinical and volunteer opportunities for health professions students, episodic health visits and holistic connections, health justice advocacy and partnerships

Serving The Community

One Love Center for Health is a health promotion group that recognizes the dangerous social and public health implications of health disparities in our Bay Area communities. We embrace the principles of health, love, justice, equality, and opportunity.

Why We Serve

Diversity in Healthcare Workforce

  • Educational Curriculum
  • Workforce Development
  • Faculty Clinicians


  • Interprofessional
  • Graduate nursing and nurse practitioner students
  • Medical students and residents
  • Lactation consultant students
  • Volunteer healthcare providers
  • Students in Health Professions

Culturally Humble
Health Care

  • Community Development
  • Traditional Healing Practices
  • Environmental Health Promotion

Holistic Health Promotion
and Prevention

  • Public Health Nursing Model
  • Standardized Guidelines
  • Electronic Records

FNP Students Rotating with One Love.