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Opportunities for Service

Clinical and volunteer opportunities for health professions students, lactation student mentoring, episodic health visits and holistic connections, health justice advocacy and partnerships.

During the COVID crisis, student nurse practitioners have had limited access to clinical opportunities.  Creating a positive environment for students to learn, and for patients to receive high quality care has been a great collaboration.


Serving The Community

One Love Center for Health is a health promotion group that recognizes the dangerous social and public health implications of health disparities in our Bay Area communities. We embrace the principles of health, love, justice, equality, and opportunity.

What We Offer?

Medical Services

  • Episodic visits
  • Histories & Physicals
  • Lactation Consults
  • Medication reconciliation & refills
  • Collaboration with primary care & specialty providers
  • Telehealth options
  • Collaboration and coordination with case management and state and local support services (i.e. Medi-Cal and other benefits)
  • Evaluations and recommendations for additional services ( i.e. IHSS)

Why One Love Center for Health?